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British Mantrailing Academy

UK Mantrailing


The British Mantrailing Academy has been providing professional training for Sport, Hobby and Search and Rescue since 2011.

Our HQ and main training venues are in Essex with branches in Sussex and the Lake District. We are dedicated to deliver high standard training to Sport and Hobby Trailers to the same level we train professional Dog Handlers from SAR, Law Enforcement and Private Security Sector.

Our Philosophy

Real world situations with realistic training standards make for reliable mantrailing teams.
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Realistic Situations

We believe that that employing honest, realistic training standards that work in real world situations, not just in training or at certification time, is what its needed to train a reliable Mantrailing K9. Our training program has been developed out of years of working experience and not just THEORY knowledge. We help teams to meet real world deployment needs.
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Continuing Development

We know that one set system does not work for all dog teams. We gained the knowledge to be diverse in our application of different techniques to establish the training needs. We develop ourselves continuously to better our training and to address the difficulties that we all face in the challenging environment the teams will find themselves in once deployed.
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British Mantrailing Academy

Our Mission


We like to administer a practical approach to training and working a trailing dog in a way that enables our student handlers and their dogs to develop themselves to an effective level of real world deployment.

We will assist the K9 trailing teams to improve their accuracy and reliability by offering valuable training options the will build a solid foundation in trailing work for all types of dogs including police k9’s, SAR dogs and pet enthusiasts who wish to provide their dogs with meaningful mental stimulation.

The BMA is one of the first organisations that specialises in trailing work for all breeds of dogs. We are one of the first organisations in the UK that established a training program that includes stage assessments and an annual trailing assessment for handlers. We introduced our training program to handlers including SAR volunteers across the country and abroad.

Most breeds of dogs are capable of enhancing their inherited abilities to trail with a good foundation training. Anybody, no matter what background, wo are interested to teach their dogs to trail is welcome to attend our workshops and seminars. We have established our own training program that combines a number of training methods to provide a very sound and practical foundation for many different breeds of dogs.

Our training program is a combination of practical skills and theory study. We keep our handler/ instructor ratio very low and have the timescale for the program set with realistic view to the SAR volunteer.

We train in an environment that replicates the real-world deployment and tailor the training to the needs of the team

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About Us

The British Mantrailing Academy has been providing professional training for all kind of breeds in trailing, trailing certifications and consulting services since 2011. We are located in Essex and specialise in training Search and Rescue Volunteers and their K9’s, but we are also dedicated to interested people in the induction to Mantrailing.

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Waltham Abbey, Essex. EN9 2BL
Phone: 07947433479
Email: info@britishmantrailingacademy.com
Web: www.britishmantrailingacademy.com